Tournament Rules – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamond Challenge Series

The following are the official rules and regulations of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamond Challenge Series which apply to any teams who registered and invited teams. The following rules and regulations do not limit the level of competition and gameplay.


1.    Registration and participation

A.     Teams can be consists of 5 members (compulsory) and 1 substitute (optional)

B.     This tournament is open for Philippines and permanent residents living in the country.

C.     Each team must commit to the time that has been set beforehand by the organizers.

D.     Team names/player names that are found to be offensive/vulgar will not be tolerated by the organizers and a request of name change is allowed during and before the competition, teams that are found not following this will be disqualified immediately.

2.  Tournament Streams

A.     Teams are not allowed to stream snipe the stream during the match.

B.     Teams that are found to be abusing the tournament streams will be disqualified immediately and will be denied tournament winnings for this action or any action that is abusive.

C.     Teams will be asked to act gracefully when the game is streamed, no vulgar words, taunting or spamming is allowed. Any dispute should be directed to the tournament admins directly for any issues. Any teams that is found not following this rule will be disqualified immediately regardless if the game is streamed or not.

3.  Conduct

A.     As explained in the above section, players/teams must be responsible for each member’s actions. Any member within a team that violates the player conduct will be disqualified from entering further qualifiers and the current qualifier that the teams are participating at.

B.     Players must be able to commit to the time/schedule mentioned in the tournament platform and may not agree to a time that both teams are suitable to be playing at.

C.     Players may not use force outside the game to influence the outcome of the game. Severe punishments such as disqualification will be imposed and will also be banned from further tournaments run by the organizers.

D.     Betting is strictly forbidden between teams and will not be tolerated.

E.     Agreeing on losing on purpose will also be considered as a disqualification act if found out by the organizers.

F.     Teams are advised to be humble and to be strict with each other on enforcing these rules for smooth flow of the tournament.

G.     Any dispute may be directed to the tournament admins via email, WhatsApp or call.

H.     Teams that are found not following these conduct rules will be disqualified immediately

I.      Participants of MPL-PH Season 3 are not allowed to join in this tournament.

4. Tournament Bracket

A.     No team limit.

B.     All matches will be played online.

C.     The tournament is in single elimination mode.

D.     Groups will be separated depends on how many teams.

E.     Top 8 teams participating must have a distinguishing uncopyrighted team logo.

5. Match Rule

A.     A match refers to the games being played between team A and Team B ( bo1, bo3 or bo5).

B.     A game refers to the current game being played between team A and team B.

C.     The mobile application to be used is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Developer: Moonton).

D.     Match starts – The team on the top of the bracket will have the choice for which side they play. For best-of-three series, a coin toss will be made. The winner of the coin toss will have the choice for which side they play on the first game of the best-of-three series. The other team will choose sides on the second game.

E.     Match ends – The first team to destroy the opposing team’s Base wins, the first team to surrender loses or teams that are found not following the rules disqualified.

F.     The game mode used in: Tournament Mode

G.     If any player disconnects during a Top 8 match that is hosted by the admins, they can request a MDC Official to pause the game for the player to reconnect. The max pause time of one team is 5 mins. Marshalls have the right to extend the time.

H.     Once all players are ready, as indicated by both Team Captains, the MDC Official will resume the game.

I.     In the case of a server crash, the game can be continued from a new draft but has to be the same lineup.

J:     In the event of a technical difficulty which leads the MDC Officials to declare a restart, the MDC Official may instead award:

      1. a game victory to a team. If a game has been played for more than 5 minutes on the game clock (00:05:00), MDC Officials, at their sole discretion, may determine that a team cannot avoid defeat to a degree of reasonable certainty. The following criteria may be used in the determination of reasonable certainty:
      2. The teams total net worth differences must exceed 800 x minute of the game. For example, 20 minutes into the game, Team A holds a net worth of 20,000 while Team B’s net worth at 38,000. The difference in net worth is 18,000. 800 x 20minute = 16,000. The difference in net worth of 18,000 is greater than 16,000, hence Team B is deemed victorious.
      3. In the situation where the difference in net worth is less than 800 x minute, the game has to be remade.

6. Tournament Flow

6.1 Pre-match preparation

  1. Schedule changes

The MDC Officials reserve the right to reschedule, make changes to the dates of MDC or alter the schedule in any other way or form. All teams will be informed of any changes made by MDC Officials at once.

  1. Early Check In

Teams must check-in at the Discord the time set by the admin before for preparation for every round/day they participate in the tournament.

  1. Game Version

The game version used will be decided by MDC Officials, use of newly released heroes, heroes with recent balance updates and those with known bugs may be temporarily banned. The duration of the ban will be determined by MDC Officials.

  1. Preparation Time

Players are free to prepare after their check in. However, the players must enter the lobby at the agreed match time schedule.

  1. Match starting time

In the most optimal situation, any problems faced by the players should be solved during the set preparation time. The match should be started at the scheduled time. Match may be delayed if MDC Officials deem it to be necessary. If the reason for the delay is due to player fault, the MDC Officials reserve the right to penalise the player or team accordingly.

  1. In-game Lobby

The MDC admin will create the in-game lobby for matches that are to be livestreamed. The players should follow the instructions from the MDC admin on how to enter the in-game lobby.

  1. Technical support

MDC Officials will provide technical assistance during matches hosted by them preparation to solve any problems that may occur.

6.2. Match preparation

  1. Pick/Ban Process

All the Top 8 teams will go through the coin toss process to determine their picks and bans. The referee/marshall will ensure both teams are ready to enter the pick/ban phase after players from both teams have entered the in-game lobby. Once both teams are ready, the referee will inform the in-game lobby admin to start the game.

  1. Game setting
    1. Map: Tournament Mode (5V5)
    2. Game type: Draft Pick

6.3 Pick/ban phase and pick priority

  1. Game restrictions

If there is presence of a known bug in any device, hero, skin, emblem, or any skill, or any other reason determined by MDC Officials, the MDC Officials may add in a restriction at any time before or during the match.

  1. Pick process
  • Best of 1 – Team that is in upper bracket of a match has pick priority.
  • Team that is in a lower bracket of a match will create a lobby.


  •   Best of 3 – First game – Coin toss , 2nd game alternate pick priority , third game alternate.
  •   Best of 5 – First game – Coin toss , 2nd game alternate pick priority, third game alternate, fourth game alternate pick priority, 5th game new coin toss.
  1. Pick Priority
    1. Draft Pick

The pick/ban order will follow the default sequence set in the game.

    1. Wrong pick

If a team has picked/banned a hero by mistake, the game will still be continued. There will be no remakes due to wrong pick/ban.

  1. Swapping heroes

If there is a mistake due to player negligence when swapping heroes, the match will still continue. Exchanging devices is not allowed under any circumstance.Pick priority will only be applied to the grand finals team who are from the upper bracket . They  will have the pick priority coming into the grand finals.

  1. Game starts after pick/ban phase

The game will immediately start after the pick/ban phase unless there are other instructions from the referee/marshall. MDC staff will remove any irrelevant items from the game zone. Players are not allowed to leave the game in between the period after pick/ban phase is complete until the game starts.

  1. Connection problem

If a problem occurs during game loading due to the presence of a bug, disconnection or other errors and a player fails to join the match after the game has started, then the game must be paused until all 10 players are connected to the game (this is only valid for hosted matches).

For matches where there are no referees present, it is the players responsibility to ensure that their data connection is good.

6.4 In game

  1.    Pauses are allowed during officially-hosted team fights if it is a critical error such as
  •     More than 3 players disconnect / crashes during the game.
  •     Both teams devices are unplayable.

Definition of team fight – more than 1 player from one team is engaged ( skills or normal attack ) with another team with more than 1 player also involved in the exchange of blows.

  1 Marshal will be present in the official-hosted game as observers to pause the game if necessary.

6.5 After game

  1. The captain of the winning team must submit the screenshot result in Discord with the hero icon (not avatar icon). In the case there’s no updates after some time, kindly notify the marshals about it.

7.Tournament preparations

7.1 Tournament conducts

  1. Please come prepared on the time mentioned by the admins.
  2. Teams must follow any instructions from the admins.
  3. Players are to conduct themselves appropriately during the tournament time frame when interacting with admins or other players.
  4. For any accusations/report, proofs must be submitted (e.g an opponent team forfeiting their match – a screenshot of the conversation must be attached) for the marshals to determine the legibility of it.

7.3 Penalties

  1. Failure to follow the schedule timing . Teams will be penalized in this order:

10 Minutes Late  : Disqualified from the match  ( Free win to the opponent )

  1. Failure to report to the admins in case of emergencies ( not able to attend ) or player change /Team name changes / Logo changes :
    1. 1st Warning Team Changes : Team will lose pick priority for the whole tournament
    2. 2nd Warning Team Changes: Will be banned from MDC for a season.
    3. 3rd Warning Team Changes: Will be banned from MDC for a year.
  1. Players Misconduct:
    1. 1st Warning of Player Misconduct: Team will lose pick priority for the whole tournament/Default loss.
    2. 2nd Warning of Player Misconduct: Will be banned for the next season of MDC.
    3. 3rd Warning of Player Misconduct: Will be banned from MDC for a year. Depending on the severity of the player misconduct, penalties may be changed accordingly.

The examples of player misconduct:

  • Being rude/inappropriate/using vulgar words when dealing about tournaments.
  • Submitting false match results.
  • Providing no proof of opponents forfeiting their matches.
  • Certain issues can be discussed with the admin in case of relevant cases that we may dismiss based on discussion and proof of said issue.


Prize pool distribution:

Rank Amount Diamond
Champion $ 1,500 5000 Diamonds per player
Runner up $ 800 3000 Diamonds per player
Third Place $ 500 2000 Diamonds per player
Fourth Place $ 200 1000 Diamonds per player
5-8th Place 500 Diamonds per player



  1. Participation is at your own risk. PARTICIPANTS must follow the rules, use caution, and take care of PARTICIPANT’S own health. ORGANIZERS are not liable for any losses in relation to the event, directly or indirectly, for example in the case of a canceled event, electrical failure or similar. No person or persons shall hold MET Events SDN BHD liable.
  2. Each participation is a binding contract to abide by the rules or the ORGANIZERS will reserve the right to ban the participant.
  3. ORGANIZERS reserves the rights to without further notice change the rules.
  4. Each PARTICIPANT must follow the instructions from ORGANIZERS, and authorities, such as the security personnel, police, fire brigade, etc.