Mineski Esports: Lockdown Games

Mineski Esports Philippines has launched its Lockdown Games, a community quarantine fundraising stream for the medical frontliners amidst the 2019-nCoV outbreak in Metro Manila. There will be a P2000 prize pool for every winning team, and a P2000 donation by Mineski for every game series. Viewers will also be able to contribute to the charity stream via GCash. Games featured are as follows:

Marvel Super War

March 24 to 26, 2020 

Call of Duty: Mobile

March 30 to April 2, 2020

Mobile Legends

April 6 to 9, 2020


Registration for all games is open tonight, March 19, 2020, starting 9:00 PM. Watch the tournament proper live at Mineski TV from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 

All funds raised will be donated to the UP Medical Foundation, Inc. help fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mineski Esports Philippines is happy to provide quarantined gamers this breath of fresh air during this period of preventive isolation. Be part of the bigger battle!


Official rules and regulations for Lockdown Games: 

A. Registration and Participation

  • For Marvel Superwar: a full team of 5 players with an optional substitute player must be provided.
  • For COD Mobile: a full team of 4 players with an optional substitute player must be provided. Note that we will be playing the mobile version of the game, not the PC version. 
  • For Mobile Legends: a full team of 5 active players and 1 optional substitute.
  1. For teams with players outside of the Philippines, at least 51% of the team must be residents in the Philippines. This means that there must be at least 3 active players on the roster who live in the Philippines. Substitutes do not count as active players.
  2. Should a team with non-Philippine residents proceed to the main event, the flights of the non-Philippine residents will not be shouldered by the organizer.
  3. Mineski Esports may ask for the verification of residence of players at any time.
  4. By registering, teams acknowledge that all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the tournament have been given legal consent by the players for media and marketing purposes.
  5. Team and player names that are found to be offensive/vulgar will not be tolerated by the organizers and a request of name change is allowed during and before the competition. Participants who do not follow this instruction will be disqualified.
  6. The registered email and contact number per team will be used to receive further instructions for the qualifiers. The email and contact number owners are responsible for sharing information to their team.
  7. Players must have a Skype account to give from the registration so can the admin will call them if necessary. 

B. Conduct

  1. Participants must be responsible for their actions. Any participant that violates the player conduct will be penalized.
  2. Participants are expected to respect their fellow participants and all the Mineski Esports staff. Participants shall not make any indecent, impolite or insulting actions or gestures towards the aforementioned parties.
  3. Participants are prohibited from being vulgar and spamming, both in-game and in the communication platform.
  4. Betting is strictly forbidden between participants and will not be tolerated.
  5. Match fixing, or even colluding to match fixing will be considered as a disqualification if found out by the organizers.
  6. Participants are advised to be humble and to be strict with each other on enforcing these rules for smooth flow of the tournament.
  7. Any dispute may be directed to the tournament admins through the tournament’s communication platform.

C. Tournament Streams

  1. Teams that are found to be abusing the tournament streams will be disqualified immediately and will be denied tournament winnings for this action or any action that is abusive.
  2. Teams will be asked to act gracefully when the game is streamed, no vulgar words, taunting or spamming is allowed. Any dispute should be directed to the tournament admins directly for any issues. Any team that is found not following this rule will be disqualified immediately regardless if the game is streamed or not.

D. General Tournament Rules

  1. Participants must follow the schedule mentioned in the tournament admins and may not agree to a time that is suitable for participants to be playing at.
  2. All tournament schedules will be communicated to participants by the tournament admins.
  3. Participants who do not use their registered account/IGN can be denied participation in any of the online qualifiers by the tournament admins.
  4. Participants may not use force outside the game to influence the outcome of the game. Severe punishments such as disqualification will be imposed and will also be banned from further tournaments run by the organizers.
  5. Participants will be required to report their victories to the tournament admins on the communication platform.
  6. Internet connection is the participant’s personal responsibility. The organizers will not be held liable for any issues that arise from a participant’s internet connection.
  7. Roster changes will only be allowed before the end of the registration period for each game’s qualifier. If a team wishes to replace anyone on their team, they can edit their original submission on the registration form before the registration period ends. They can also speak to a tournament official regarding the case of the roster change. Roster changes after the registration period ends are prohibited. While there are cases where roster changes can be entertained, it will be handled on a case-to-case basis, and can merit further investigation from the tournament admins if needed.
  8. The following are considered illegal and will be punished:
    • Creating/Exploiting Bugs.
    • Account Sharing/Piloting.
    • Deliberate Disconnection: Deliberately disconnecting for improper or unclear reasons is prohibited and will be punished.
    • Cheating: Using any kind of device or third-party program to cheat, or using any resembling means to cheat. Conspiring to cheat also falls under this category, and the involved parties will be dealt with accordingly.
  9. Any dispute may be directed to the tournament admins through the tournament’s communication platform. Credible evidence must be presented in order for the tournament admins to entertain the issue.

E. Rules for Call of Duty Mobile

  1. Format: Single Elimination, best of 3
  2. Game 1: Search and Destroy
  3. Game 2: Domination
  4. Game 3 Decider: Team Deathmatch
  5. Admin will coinflip using the discord channel, winner of coinflip may choose Team A or Team B. This will determine which team will select the map or side based on the game mode settings listed below
  6. Search and Destroy setting:
  7. Round win limit: 6
  8. Round time limit: 120 seconds
  9. Team A pick’s map, Team B picks a side.
  10. Domination
  11. Round score limit: 50
  12. Round time limit: 300 seconds
  13. Team B pick’s map, Team A pick’s a side
  14. Team Deathmatch
  15. Kill limit: 40
  16. Round time limit: 600 seconds
  17. Team B pick’s map, Team A pick’s a side
  18. Scorestreaks:
  19. Allowed: UAV, Counter UAV, Sentry Gun, SAM Turret, and Molotov Cocktail
  20. Not allowed: Predator Missile, Stealth Chopper, VTOL, and Hunter Killer Drone 
  21. Operator skill: All skills are allowed
  22. All guns are allowed for use.
  23. All perks are allowed for use.

F. Rules for Marvel Superwar:

  1. Format: Single elimination, matches are best-of-3.
  2. Side Selection:

– Team that in the upper bracket: First priority, then alternate.

– Team that in the lower bracket: Lobby creator

  1. A match can only start with five (5) players on each team.
  2. Players will be using their own accounts and devices.
  3. No auto banned heroes
  4. Maximum pause of 8 times. Players are not allowed to pause during clashes.

H. Rules for Mobile Legends



  1. Format: Single elimination, matches are best-of 3.
  2. Side Selection:

– Team that in the upper bracket: First priority, then alternate.

– Team that in the lower bracket: Lobby creator

  1. A match can only start with five (5) players on each team.
  2. Players will be using their own accounts and devices.
  3. Maximum pause time of 5 minutes. Players must actively use discord to notify the admin if they are ready to proceed to the game.

H.Prize pool:

  1. For the winning team only
  2. PhP 2,000 per team per series
  3. Teams may claim their prizes after the Enhanced Community Quarantine.
  4. Prizes are subject to applicable taxes as determined by Philippine law


  1. Participation is at your own risk. PARTICIPANTS must follow the rules, use caution, and take care of PARTICIPANT’S own health. Mineski Esports is not liable for any losses in relation to the event, directly or indirectly, for example in the case of a canceled event, electrical failure or similar. No person or persons shall hold Mineski Esports liable.
  2. Each participation is a binding contract to abide by the rules. Mineski Esports reserves the right to disqualify or ban the participant for disregarding the rules.
  3. Mineski Esports reserve the right to make decisions that are not supported in this ruleset. In extreme cases, Mineski Esports may change the rules or go against the ruleset to uphold the spirit of integrity and fair play.