MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic – MET Events statement

During the MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic, a regional power outage impacted the venue and the surrounding area in Bangkok, Thailand.
Unfortunately, this outage affected the last match of the tournament’s second day (Match 12). 

Initially, after evaluating the available information and MET Asia Series:PUBG Classic ruleset, the decision rendered by PUBG Corporation was to do a rematch.

PUBG Corporation continued to gather and evaluate additional information to determine if the rematch was the most effective means to ensure the highest level of competitive integrity.

However, on Day 3 – Sunday 28/07/2019 , the previous decision was changed by PUBG Corporation and the new decision, which was relayed to the teams via electronic mail, was to count the results from the rematch while retaining the results from Match 12 up to the point when the regional power outage took place and award additional points to the remaining 6 teams.

It is the humble opinion of MET Events that PUBG Corporation, when it issued the final decision, took into consideration what it firmly believed as fair to all concerned while maintaining the integrity of the tournament.h.

After the first match of Day 3, some participating teams raised a few critical concerns and decided not to participate in the following match.

In an effort to allow the competition to continue with all participating teams, PUBG Corporation and MET Events met with all participants, resulting in a few hours delay.

As part of the agreement between participating teams and PUBG Corporation, the MET Asia Series was adjusted to be a 15-match tournament, revoking all the matches that have been played since the regional power outage.
Six matches on Day 1, five matches on Day 2 (Match 12 was vacated), and four matches on Day 3 (the negotiated solution).

All parties agreed that there will be no additional seats at the PUBG Global Championship for the MET Asia Series champion’s home region and that this final slot will be allocated at a future date.

As a major esports organizer, we are always looking to improve and learn from every event and situation.
It has been a humbling experience for us and we sincerely apologize to the Esports Community whose experience of this event was greatly affected.
And finally, MET Events would like to thank everyone involved in the MET Asia Series: PUBG Classic; including the players, the fans in attendance, the online viewers and the entire esports and PUBG community.