Esports Collegiate League: Turf Wars – Tournament Rules

The following are the official rules and regulations of the Esports Collegiate League which apply to both registered and invited participants. The following rules and regulations do not limit the level of competition and gameplay. By participating in this tournament, you automatically subject yourself to the listed rules and regulations listed below.


1.    Registration and Participation


  1. This tournament series is open for all college students who reside in the Philippines, and meet the following requirements:
    1. A full team of players with an optional substitute player must be provided. At least 51% of the players must come from the same university.
      1. Cross-campus registration is allowed, but cross-university is not.
      2. Dota 2 teams must have at least 3 active players from the same university, with a maximum of up to 6 players on the team. Substitutes are not counted as active players.
    2. Each player must present valid proof of enrollment for the current term for the school year of 2019-2020 upon checking in with the marshal at the venue. A validated school ID or enrollment sheet showing the complete name of the player, course, and subjects are examples of valid proof.
      1. If a player fails to present valid proof, the player will not be allowed to participate.
  2. Teams must be able to head to the various venues at the allotted dates and times.
    1. Dota 2 has a maximum cap of 16 teams per venue. Teams also do not have to be from a nearby university to be.
  3. By registering, teams acknowledge that all usage of photos, videos, and any form of recording during the tournament have been given legal consent by the players for media and marketing purposes.
  4. Team and player names that are found to be offensive/vulgar will not be tolerated by the organizers and a request of name change is allowed during and before the competition. Participants who do not follow this instruction will be disqualified.
  5. The registered email and contact number per team will be used to receive further instructions for the qualifiers. The email and contact number owners are responsible for sharing information to their team.


2.    Event Schedule and Venues


  1. Dota 2 schedule and venues are as follows:
    1. Call time: 1:00 PM
    2. Ro16: 2 PM
    3. Ro8: 4 PM
    4. Ro4: 5 PM
    5. Venues and play dates:
      1. Katipunan: August 10, Techtite Katipunan, 318 Katipunan Building, F. Dela Rosa Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
      2. Taft: August 10, Techtite Taft, 2311 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila
      3. Intramuros: August 11, Ultima Cyberzone, 731 Victoria Street, Intramuros, Manila
      4. U-Belt: August 11, Pacific Dapitan, 1204 Dapitan St. Cor Asturias St. Brgy. 427, Sampaloc, Manila


3.  Tournament Streams


  1. Teams that are found to be abusing the tournament streams will be disqualified immediately and will be denied tournament winnings for this action or any action that is abusive.
  2. Teams will be asked to act gracefully when the game is streamed, no vulgar words, taunting or spamming is allowed. Any dispute should be directed to the tournament admins directly for any issues. Any teams that is found not following this rule will be disqualified immediately regardless if the game is streamed or not.


4.  Conduct


  1. Participants must be responsible for their actions. Any participant that violates the player conduct will be penalized, including disqualification from entering further qualifiers and the current qualifier that the teams are participating at.
  2. Participants are expected to respect their fellow participants and all the MET Events staff. Participants shall not make any indecent, impolite or insulting actions or gestures towards the aforementioned parties.
  3. Participants are prohibited from being vulgar and spamming, both in-game and in the communication platform.
  4. Betting is strictly forbidden between participants and will not be tolerated.
  5. Agreeing on losing on purpose will also be considered as a disqualification if found out by the organizers.
  6. Participants are advised to be humble and to be strict with each other on enforcing these rules for smooth flow of the tournament.
  7. Any dispute may be directed to the tournament admins through the tournament’s communication platform.


5.  General Tournament Rules


  1. Participants must follow the schedule mentioned in the tournament admins and may not agree to a time that is suitable for participants to be playing at.
    1. All tournament schedules will be communicated to participants by the tournament admins.
  2. Participants may not use force outside the game to influence the outcome of the game. Severe punishments such as disqualification will be imposed and will also be banned from further tournaments run by the organizers.
  3. Participants will be required to report their victories to the tournament admins on site.
  4. The following are considered illegal and will be punished:
    1. Creating/Exploiting Bugs.
    2. Account Sharing/Piloting.
    3. Deliberate Disconnection: Deliberately disconnecting for improper or unclear reasons is prohibited and will be punished.
    4. Cheating: Using any kind of device or third-party program to cheat, or using any resembling means to cheat. Conspiring to cheat also falls under this category, and the involved parties will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. Any dispute may be directed to the tournament admins through the tournament’s communication platform.


6. Rules for Dota 2


  1. Format:
    1. Phase 1 – Qualifier: single elimination. All matches are Bo1, except for deciding matches, which are are Bo3. The top 2 teams per venue will represent their turf. The two teams per venue must decide whether they want to attack or defend in phase 2.
    2. Phase 2 – Attack/Defend: all matches are Bo3. The first team from each turf will head over to an opposing turf and battle the defending team, while the second team will remain on their turf to defend against an invading team. Battles are as follows:
      1. August 17: Taft vs Intramuros
      2. August 18: U-Belt vs Katipunan
      3. Each team that wins per turf will move on to the main event
    3. Main event: single elimination. Semifinals are Bo3, finals is Bo5.
  2. Side selection:
    1. Bo1: in-game coin flip will be used to decide picks and sides.
    2. Bo3: in-game coin flip will be used to decide who has priority in choosing. For game 2, the priority is given to the team who lost the coin flip. If the series goes to a game 3, a new coin toss will be done.
    3. Bo5: in-game coin flip will be used to decide who has priority in choosing for game 1 and 3. For game 2 and 4, the priority is given to the team who lost the most recent coin flip. If the series goes to a game 5, a new coin toss will be done.
  3. A match can only start with five (5) players on each team
  4. Players will be using their own accounts and devices
  5. Maximum pause time of 5 minutes. Teams must call their assigned admin immediately after the pause to present the reason for the pause
  6. All teams must present screenshots in case of a dispute


7. Prizepool


  1. Dota 2 (finals only):
    1. 1st place – 30,000 PHP
    2. 2nd place – 15,000 PHP
    3. Tied for3rd place – 7,500 PHP for each team




  1. Participation is at your own risk. PARTICIPANTS must follow the rules, use caution, and take care of PARTICIPANT’S own health. MET Events is not liable for any losses in relation to the event, directly or indirectly, for example in the case of a canceled event, electrical failure or similar. No person or persons shall hold MET Events liable.
  1. Each participation is a binding contract to abide by the rules. MET Events reserves the right to disqualify or ban the participant for disregarding the rules.
  1. MET Events reserve the right to change the rules without notice.