Sunday Shuffle

Hearthstone, an online card game developed by esports veterans, Blizzard Entertainment, has enjoyed modest success since its official launch in 2014 and has captured the hearts of many card game enthusiasts since then.

Recognizing its success, MET launched the Sunday Shuffle, a weekly online Hearthstone tournament that offers players from around the globe the chance to earn much needed Hearthstone Championship Tour points. The tournament will accept up to 128 players as they fight it out with their carefully crafted decks and favorite cards. Check all of MET’s social media channels for future updates on the Sunday Shuffle.

The players will fight in a swiss format tournament with the top eight players moving forward in a single elimination playoffs bracket. The best players in the Sunday Shuffle can become eligible for the Challenger Finals, a significant part of the 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour!

The tournament may be held on the Americas server but any player from across the world is welcome to join. Get your decks ready and join in the Sunday Shuffle.