Path to Glory

Path to Glory is a weekly online tournament that features Vainglory’s brand new 5v5 game mode!

MET looks to search for the best Vainglory players in the region as it introduces Path to Glory, a 5v5 Vainglory tournament open to all players in the SEA region including countries from Asia and Oceana. The tournament seeks to give players their first shot at engaging in the competitive side of Vainglory. Updates on the Path to Glory will be posted consistently on all of MET’s social media channels.

Teams will be competing for ICE, the premium currency used in Vainglory to purchase in-game items such as cosmetic upgrades and heroes. The weekly qualifiers will also be awarding out points to teams based on their rankings after each qualifier. The top 8 teams each month will be the only teams qualifier for the monthly finals.The team that wins the monthly finals will be taking home 15,000 ICE to share among their members.

Teams will have four chances to qualify for the monthly final in the qualifiers every Saturday of each month before the ultimate Monthly Final on the fourth Sunday of the month. If you think you have what it takes to become Vainglory champions then take your first step on the Path to Glory.